Oglebay Festival of Lights Tour, WV

Oglebay Festival of Lights Bus TourExperience the magic of more than a million lights across three hundred acres of land. The decorations throughout this six mile drive along the hillsides are something that can only be experienced in person. See for yourself why people in and around Wheeling, West Virginia are making Oglebay their favorite holiday destination.

Located inside the beautiful West Virginia Mountains, the park offers a wide variety of day time activities. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the Good Zoo & Planetarium, The Mansion Museum, The Glass Museum, and many more attractions. Nearby Schenk Lake offers many walking trails along with pedal boating fishing, a water show, and much more.

Well rounded day-time and night-time activities are what make Oglebay resort a favorite returning destination for many visitors.

Sample Itinerary


  1. Motor coach departs in the morning
  2. Arrival at Oglebay Resort in early afternoon
  3. Lunch at Speidel Grill
  4. Tour of the Oglebay Mansion
  5. Schenk Lake water show
  6. Dinner at Ihlenfeld dining room
  7. Winter Festival of Lights